5 Touching Videos About Dogs

5 Touching Videos About Dogs

There are some very touching videos about dogs on YouTube. Some of them are made by kids. Anna is 8 years old, and she loves to sing to dogs. When she sings, she calms herself. The dogs, meanwhile, enjoy the music. You can watch the videos below and decide which ones you like best.


If you’re a dog lover, you’ve probably come across at least one video featuring a dog named Otis. Sportscaster Scott Van Pelt devoted a segment of his show to his family’s beloved pet. In this video, he explains the importance of Otis in his life and why losing him was so painful.

Scott and Otis’s journey together began shortly after the couple got married. The video shows how Otis became an important part of the family and the bond between dog and human became apparent. From surgeries and illnesses to his gentleness around children, this video shows how dogs and humans can become close to each other.

One of the touching videos involves the rescue of Milo by Otis. When the two dogs are separated, they are both terrified and unable to find their way home. The pair are rescued by Otis and manage to find their way back to their farm. Eventually, Milo and Otis reconcile, which makes them best friends.


If you’re into salty dog videos, then you’ll enjoy Salty Dog’s Come Along. It’s a cute video featuring an adorable dog and a singer-songwriter. The band is back at Rail River Folk School for another performance. Learn more about the new songs and shows from Jacob and Owen Mahon.


These five touching videos about dogs are perfect examples of the love a dog can have for their owner. While many of us love our dogs for the way they look, Lucy doesn’t judge others based on their appearance. In contrast, humans are obsessed with appearance. During the prehistoric age, females were more likely to mate with men who could provide food. Prehistoric men, on the other hand, were more likely to be aggressive, yet attracted to women based on looks.

Lucy has been spending quality time with her family in Vancouver recently. She was recently spotted on a trip with her father, doing some fun sightseeing and shopping with her dog, Elvis. The two were even spotted cuddling and snuggling, and even shared a heart-warming video of the moment. Lucy is also currently shooting a film called Life Sentence, which is set to premiere on The CW in January 2018.

Lucy needs some help. She wants attention, so she needs to be petted and taken care of. She needs a nice bath and plenty of time to nap. She also needs some delicious food. Lucy is also looking for someone to love her. So, be a dog lover and help Lucy get through the rough patch.

Sun and Peng’s video

Sun and Peng Yu’s touching video about dogs sparked a controversial debate after it was announced at the Guggenheim Museum. The two artists had planned to stage the work, “Dogs That Cannot Touch Each Other,” at the museum during its first Beijing Biennial in 2003. The video shows two pitbull-type dogs attempting to run against each other, but the exhibition was cancelled when animal-rights groups raised objections. In response, the Guggenheim recalled two pieces from the exhibition.

Sun and Peng Yu have also staged performance installations where they used live animals, including pit bulls. In 2001, they filmed four pairs of American pit bulls running on treadmills. In the video, the pit bulls appear aggressive, but they are not able to charge each other because their legs are attached to the treadmills.

The video was created to highlight an installation that the artists created during the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre. The installation consists of a room with iron walls and a hydraulic hose that lashes tons of water against the walls with a timer. In doing so, it blends theatricality and violence to express a powerful critique of individualism in an autocratic state.

Many artists have noted the parallels between the human and animal worlds. The intense training and competition of human athletes and dogs mirrors the events regulated in society. While human athletes have to go through rigorous training, the moral value of these activities is largely unquestioned. The artists’ work is a reflection of human nature and society’s attitudes towards animals.

The work has been repurposed by the Chinese online art community. While it was initially created for a different audience, it has found a new life on TikTok. It has also gained a wide following on Twitter.

Masusock family’s foster dog

Anna and her family foster dogs through Pact for Animals, which provides homes to pets while their owners are deployed or in the hospital. Their foster dog, Laila, loves to spend time with the family and enjoys getting lots of attention. A recent video of Anna singing to her foster dog has gone viral. This has brought them a lot of attention and the Masusocks are thankful for the exposure.

Laila is a sweet pit bull who loves scratching and cuddling. She was sent to the shelter when her mom had to leave for a year in the Middle East with the Navy. Petty Officer Second Class Baez was afraid Laila would go back to the shelter. Luckily, she met the Masusock family and became their 4th foster dog.

Donna Masusock recorded a video of her daughter singing to Laila, a pit bull who is staying with the family until her owner returns from an overseas deployment. Anna loves singing to dogs and loves to share it with others. She has been fostering dogs for the past two years through Pact for Animals, an organization that helps animals whose owners are deployed or in the hospital.

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